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A few words from our Founder

A few words from our Founder Posted by on Nov 19, 2015

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Coming up In January- Vets peer nights, Volunteer ops, VAC night, Food drive...

Coming up In January- Vets peer nights, Volunteer ops, VAC night, Food drive Posted by on Jan 16, 2017

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Please Help Us Keep the Mission Going.

Please Help Us Keep the Mission Going. Posted by on Dec 9, 2016

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Its All About the Troops on January 29th

Its All About the Troops on January 29th Posted by on Jan 17, 2017

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Veterans Volunteer to Support Homeless Vets in Need...

Veterans Volunteer to Support Homeless Vets in Need Posted by on Jul 18, 2016

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Its All About the Troops on January 29th

Jan 17, 17 Its All About the Troops on January 29th

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            On Sunday January 29th, me and my organization “Boots on the Ground NY” are hosting another Huge Pack Out to benefit the troops. It’s at the Emporium in Patchogue, doors open at 11:30 AM. We have a long day of live music with some amazing talent on stage. The cover is only a suggested donation of $10. It’s an all ages event and there’s even a free food buffet at 2pm.   What we’re asking though is that people also bring items that can be shipped to the Troops overseas in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Kuwait, Turkey, Korea, Africa (fun places aint they). We those places don’t have CVS or 7/11, so all the luxury items we have, they don’t, and by luxury, I mean, coffee, slim jims, snack, new socks, nail clippers, dvd’s, hats, cereal (and the list goes on)   I’ve been doing this for 9 years, it’s an amazing day, to be part of something that will benefit Our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen & Sailors, your gonnna make those Troops smile. Last year we collected over 78,000 pounds to ship. Not only are we asking you to bring items, but at the event you will also be part of packing the boxes, and prepping them to be shipped. Every person that attends is part of this process from gathering, sorting, packing, labeling, addressing, and loading the trailer which gets dropped off at the post office that night, and those boxes are in the Troops hands in as little as less than a week later. And that $10-dollar cover, goes towards shipping the boxes (each box costs us about $15 bucks to ship overseas).   No one gets paid for this event, I’ve always been a volunteer, my team volunteers, the bands (all 7 of them) all volunteer, the DJ volunteers, the Emporium donates the space, the sound system and the food.   We will also be hosting a special tribute memorial “Remembering Our Fallen” that...

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Coming up In January- Vets peer nights, Volunteer ops, VAC night, Food drive

Jan 16, 17 Coming up In January- Vets peer nights, Volunteer ops, VAC night, Food drive

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“Where Veterans Come Together”   On Tuesday January 17th, we will be going bowling, meet up at the VAC at 1900 hrs, we will be leaving at 1945 we have dinner. All Veterans invited, BOTGNY will be covering cost of games, shoes and food at the ally. Facebook event page:   Tuesday night January 24th, we will be prepping for our upcoming pack out on the 29th. Dinner at 1920 hrs. Doors open at 1830 hrs (sometimes earlier) Facebook event page:   Always check our Facebook or website for upcoming activities at the VAC.   Tuesday night at the VAC is a Veteran community evening. Either stop in to chat with other Veterans, watch TV, play a game of pool, break bread with us, or assist us as we always have activities that help us accomplish our Veteran outreach missions.   The food and personal care pantries are available all evening. Some weeks the group may go to outside activities, bowling, movies, sporting events, adventure park, etc. so please check event each week, or call the VAC at leave a message at 631-615-2200   Please help us spread the word to Veterans, there is a place to go. Anything said in the VAC stays in the VAC & sometimes you just need to be around other Veterans. Doors open by 1900 hrs., (sometimes earlier) Chow, snacks, refreshments & food all available so come hungry. (we are also always appreciative of home cooked meals and snacks being dropped off for this event, for years we have had community members and restaurants donating food for our group activity nights, we ask that chow be dropped off at 6:45 pm, or contact us at   This is a Veteran & Service member evening only. (sorry no spouses, family members, kids, etc.) The ‘VAC’ (Veteran Activity Center) is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma NY. 631-615-2200 STAY CONNECTED!   For any supporters interested in providing a meal for our Veteran peer nights please visit this...

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Mission Success – Our Holiday Programs, because of supporters like yourself.

Dec 27, 16 Mission Success – Our Holiday Programs, because of supporters like yourself.

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It’s been a long two months for the team at Boots on the Ground NY. We started in late October with Operation Turkey Drop which was an amazing success. We were able to provide and deliver over 530 Turkeys along with boxes of groceries to all Veterans that contacted us. We also worked with caseworkers involved in the local HUD VASH programs to make sure no disadvantaged Veterans were missed in Suffolk County, and provided turkeys and food not only to Suffolk and Nassau veterans but also as far as Brooklyn, Staten Island and Westchester this year. Without missing a beat, we went straight from turkeys to toys with our Successful Operation Toy Drop. Over 5000 toys were collected this year, allowing us to be able to assist hundreds of children this year again. We spent the last two weeks delivering “Dear Santa” lists, getting boxes of bulk toys to active duty military, homeless shelters, Veterans in patient programs and hosting an evening inside the VAC which allowed Veterans the chance to stop in and choose from 1000’s of toys for their children. Veterans & Service Members were also provided with food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, pet food, Christmas trees and wreathes, gift cards, anything and everything they needed to provide a joyous holiday and Christmas for their families. Gift cards were also available for many of the Families to assist with food and gift shopping. Mattresses were delivered on Christmas day to Veterans and families in need that didn’t have beds to walk up in that morning. Christmas morning was spent bringing karaoke machine, bagels and new clothes to Veteran’s hospitalized on the 2nd Floor at the Northport VA. Working alongside with our “Dear Santa” partner Equity First, we were also able to host a Christmas party for disadvantaged Veterans and families in Concerned Living Veterans HUD VASH programs. So many supporters, local business, organizations and volunteers stepped up during the 2016 Holiday Season. You are reason we have successful missions and never say...

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Attention: Any Veteran or Service Member needs assistance with Christmas

Dec 15, 16 Attention: Any Veteran or Service Member needs assistance with Christmas

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Attention: Any Veteran or Service Member needs assistance with Christmas Tuesday night December 20th you can come down to the VAC from 7pm till 9pm to pick up what you need. We will have toys and food for your family at “The VAC” (Veterans Activity Center) @ Boots on The Ground NY. All requests are confidential. There will also be hot chow, coffee and refreshments.   The VAC is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 This is also our Veteran peer night and the VAC is not open to the public.   If you need a Christmas Tree please let us know ASAP, and we will get one for you. Don’t let pride hinder your kids Christmas. We’ve all been there, and we’re here for each other. We have a generous community behind us allowing us to be here for you.   Please no kids or family this night. Just as a FYI: Tuesday night at the VAC is typically our Veteran peer night, the pantries (Food, Toiletry, cleaning and pet supply) are available on Tuesday nights Please check our website or Facebook pages to see if we have outing planed on a specific Tuesday. Tuesday evenings at the VAC are open to all Veterans of any branch and era.   Email me at, leave a message at 631-615-2200.     Frank Bania US Army Veteran President / Founder Boots on the Ground NY Mailing address: PO Box 675 Bellport NY 11713 Phone #: 631-615-2200   Share this:PrintTweetEmailMoreShare on TumblrWhatsAppTelegramPocketLike this:Like...

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Please Help Us Keep the Mission Going.

Dec 09, 16 Please Help Us Keep the Mission Going.

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If you’re already thinking about your end of the year donations for your tax write off purposes, please consider Boots on the Ground NY. In 2015 over 95.5% of all donation went to Veterans, programs and the VAC, your donation goes far with BOTGNY and where you want it to go.   Currently our ‘VAC’ account which pays the rent and utilities of the Veteran Activity Center, only has $4,400 in that account (which basically only covers us through mid-January). We only have one annual fundraiser and that is not till April/May of each year. Our Military Care Package account has approx. $8,000.00. We just recently spent over $2,000 in the past three weeks to get packages out to Bagram Airfield after hearing the BX was temporarily closed after the 11/11 suicide bombing. We have just 50 days to raise enough money to ship over 5,000 packages that will be created at our annual Big Pack Out at the Emporium on January 29th. Our VSP account (Veteran support account) has under $6,000, barely enough funds to cover purchases of mattresses, emergency bills and requests for Holiday assistance for the month of December.   Many of you know the work we do at Boots, and we all do it as Volunteers, there will never be salaries involved. Team members and supporters at BOTGNY spend their evening, weekends doing our small part in seeing that no Veteran is left behind. We believe in keeping veterans connected.   Wednesday night we received a phone call from the Mother of a little boy, who was celebrating his birthday with a party later in the evening, the little boy, already a true patriot decided rather than provide goodie bags to his guests, he wanted to donate the money to Boots on the Ground NY, so it could be used for the Troops & Veterans. We truly have the best supporters in the World!   Please visit our Facebook page to see what we’re doing, pictures of what’s going on,...

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