World War II Honor Flight

Our World War II Veterans of Shelter Island will be going on an Honor Flight to Washington, DC on the morning of Saturday Oct 20th. We will escort them from Shelter Island to Long Island MacArthur Airport, then that evening Escort them Home from MacArthur Airport to Shelter Island. They will be joined by Korean and Vietnam Veterans, also from Shelter Island.

We will be staging at the Island Grill Diner at 0400 and heading to Shelter Island via the South Ferry, where we will meet the Bus and provide an escort to LIMA.

The flight returns to LIMA at 2030 hrs.

There will be a staging at the Airport Diner at 1945 hrs, then shortly after we will proceed to LIMA as one group, park in our designated parking area, and provide a flag line to welcome them home. Once they are back on the bus the escort will take them back to Shelter Island via South Ferry and to the American Legion Hall.AM escort road captain: Frank Bania
PM escort road captain: Joe Bowen
Any LEO or 1st responder assistance is appreciated at any part of this escort.
Flags are welcome for motorcycle escort but please have a Rivco or similar type mount with pole secured. Please do not run any non DOT compliant lighting during escort and please have your high beams and spotlamps off during escort, so that the lead bikes can see escort in rear view mirrors. This escort is ride at your own risk. As with any escort we are on a timeline and escort will not be able to pull over.Respectfully
Frankie B Bania
BOTG-NY, President



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