VAC – The Veterans Activity Center

VAC veteran Activity Center

For a few years now, we’ve been asking for your help to make our dream come true of a place where local veterans could go to be with other veterans who understand them.  A place for them to talk it out, or to just listen.  A place where tears can be shed in safety while surrounded by the support of one’s Brothers.  A place where new friendships can be forged and smiles and laughs can be found.  The Veterans Activity Center is that place, and thanks to your support it is becoming a reality.

While construction is ongoing, our new VAC is already open and in operation.  This is not the end of the dream, but the beginning of the journey.  The building will need attention and love to make it a place deserving of our local Heroes.  The VAC will not only house a recreation area, but is the home to our ongoing OIF/OEF veterans group, an in-development Viet Nam Era veterans group, and an upcoming “Any Era” group.  It will also be the base of operations for our PTSD, Agent Orange, and Burn Pit awareness campaigns, as well as being the base of operations for our various other missions.  All of these things will need the continued support of all of our members and you, the community who continually shows that what we do matters.

We are very excited about everything that is happening, and we look forward to being able to share the details and pictures of this project.  For those wondering how you can help, we ask that first and foremost you simply spread the word.  A VAC that stands empty is no good to anyone.  Let your veteran friends and family members know that there is a resource available to them.  If you would like to help financially with the ongoing bills, we suggest visiting our online store or our donations page.  We believe that our veterans deserve the best, and we are committed to providing what they need.  We hope that you believe the same.

Stay tuned for more announcements about the VAC!

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