Welcome Home & Motorcycle Escort

Jun 18, 13 Welcome Home & Motorcycle Escort

Welcome Home

SFC David Brown, US Army has over 22 years of service and at least three deployments; he also has at least three ARCOM medals and has been awarded the Bronze Star. This Soldier is visiting family on Long Island this week for his step-daughters HS graduation.  He is preparing to be redeployed shortly.

Initial staging will be at the BOTG-NY Veteran Activity Center at 2184 Pond Road at 2130 hours on Friday night. We will call ahead to the airport for arrival times, (The VAC is approx ½ mile from the airport, coffee, snacks and restrooms are available).

Arrival time is schedule for 2245 hours, but anything is possible with the last flight of the evening (could be earlier, could be later).

Motorcycle Escort is ride at your own risk; if you’re flying a Flag please make sure mounting is hi-way worthy.

More info will be put out as needed. If you head directly to the airport please find parking on one of the lots.

Please spread the word and lets show this hometown Hero how Long Island welcomes Our Military. All are welcome to attend and Ride

Thank you.

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