Brick 26 – The Challenge

Aug 23, 13 Brick 26 – The Challenge

Like a Challenge? Like a Good Cause?
Then Brick 26 !!

Brick 26 seeks to generate awareness and funds for all returned and returning service members no matter what their needs (financial, emotional, and physical) utilizing a unique annual walk/endurance run event and social networking campaigns. Brick 26 places an equal emphasis on the great needs of ALL veterans and aims to equitably distribute funds so that ALL service members in need have access to increased support.

to register online:

If for some reason you cannot be there due to injury or other issues, we will convert your registration into a brick to honor a Veteran close to your heart… so come on… might as well get on it…

Brick-26 website:

Unlike many of the trendiest “tough events” that have emerged in the last few years, the Brick 26 Challenge seeks to be gritty instead of cosmetically glitzy. This isn’t an attack on the events that are out there… it is simply a way for us to seperate our brand from the others. Of course, the biggest separation comes in the form of where your money goes. We are not donating a small % to nonprofits. We are giving 100%, and we think that should make a huge difference in the morale and meaning of the event. It offers instant credibility to your own fundraising efforts, as we will depend on you to hit up your social networking platforms and workplaces to get some financial support behind what may end up being the toughest event you’ve participated in.

With your participation, support, fundraising, and enthusiasm, we know we are destined to make an immense impact on the lives of needy Veterans. They have carried us and our freedom for years… isn’t it the least we can do to carry a brick (or 5) for them?


We recognize that there are athletes (or not) at every level and our primary goal is to offer something for everyone. The course is approximately 5K, to be looped twice by some. This is an endurance race, not a sanctioned 5 or 10K event. Besides, what is the point of trying to best your 5 or 10K record when you are carrying a brick on your back and wandering through boot camp stations. So here are your event categories:

Each participant in this wave will be carrying 5 bricks (26lbs) in a backpack throughout a 5K+ (TBD) course. Along the way, you will be challenged by up to 7 bootcamps, each operated by military personnel. Each bootcamp will have 1 to 2 challenges that could include, but will not be limited to: pushups, bucket curls, crawling 100yds under barbed wire, shuttle sprints, etc… most with your backpack on. We will be using chip technology, and will have a start and finish time for the top 3 competitors in each age division. Do you have what it takes to become the Brick 26 champion?

Participants in this category will complete the same course as the competitive wave, but may carry only 1 brick in their backpack. This is still a rigorous event that promises to leave you exhausted, yet accomplished– all for a great cause. As a boot camper participant, it is you vs yourself or your friends to see how far you can get. Bootcamper division is timed.

The 5K Straight run takes participants along the same race course as the other divisions without the bricks or the boot camps. This unique, Cedar Creek Park course, designed exclusively for the Brick 26 Challenge, features some hills and some turns and is sure to challenge anyone looking to compete in a challenging 5K race. The course will be USATF sanctioned and electronically timed.

The honor walk takes each participant on a one-mile, peaceful journey in celebration of those who serve. You can carry the brick in your hand, put it in a knapsack/backpack. Strollers are welcome to be part of our honor walk.


While our initial event is based in Long Island, our long-term vision is to become the Relay for Life™ for Veterans. The challenge is conceptual and replicable in nature, and can be carried out in many local communities, therefore exponentially increasing our impact. In each challenge, the premise is the same: design a course that suits everyone, from the ultra-athlete to the walker. In each case, at least one brick is carried and then collected for the development of a monument to be placed at an approved location (college institutions, Veterans Service Agencies, playgrounds, VFWs, American Legions).

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