Annual Care Package Pack Out

Dec 19, 13 Annual Care Package Pack Out

It’s almost that time of the year again – The Annual Military Care Package Great Pack Out. 4th edition. – Objective 1,000 boxes!

On January 26th, we’ll be doing it at our new Home, the “VAC”. Not only will we be showing the Troops our appreciation that day but we also get to show off all the hard work we put into the Veterans Activity Center.

We like to do this massive pack and ship after the holiday season has calmed down. During November & December everyone has the bug to support the Troops but in most that fades quickly. The months that follow are cold and lonely and this is our way of showing the Troops that we know where they still are.

We are giving you ample notice of this date, please begin collection drives of your own. If you would like a crate and signage please check out the Military Care Package Program link. You will also find a list of what’s needed most there. Bring everything you collect to the VAC, where we hope to have many hands making boxes, packing boxes, addressing and labeling.

Shipping costs are provided through donations to BOTGNY. Anyone that wishes to contribute can bring checks to the event or make a donation online at our Donation and sponsorship link. Donations are tax deductible.

While your children are home, please suggest to them to make Thank You cards for the Troops so we can include a handful in each package. Trust us, the Troops love them.

We have addresses of the Units that need supplies the most as well as addresses of Troops that have family right here on Long Island.

This will be an all-day event beginning at 1 pm and run till about 7pm. Get there when you can, stay as little or as long as you can. There will be chili, snacks and refreshments available, and feel free to bring anything for the snack table, or a crock pot full of your home made chili. Our Home is your Home.

The VAC (Veterans Activity Center) is located at 2184 Pond Road Ronkonkoma 631-615-2200

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