Storage Needed – Urgent Situation

We have just been offered an Outstanding opportunity that will benefit over a 150 Veterans that get referred to us for Help.

One of the many programs that Boots on the Ground NY maintains is “Project Veteran Support” which assists Veterans that were recently homeless or in shelters. As they work to get their lives stable, find housing and back onto their own feet, caseworkers at the VA refer them to us so that we can help them furnish there new homes.

This outstanding opportunity is that we have just been offered furnishings for over 150 units, everything from couches, tables, lamps and nightstands.

But we need to act on this now, the only issue is we really don’t have storage other than two small containers.

We need a storage area, and a large one. If you know of an empty warehouse, partial warehouse, maybe someone who owns an unrented store or building please share this message with them. Again we need to act on this now or lose the furnishings to a landfill.

This will help more than 150 local Veterans and keep them from sitting and sleeping on the floor.

I can be contacted day or night at 631-615-2200 /

As we are an IRS Recognized 501c19, whatever’s donated to us does get tax breaks, and I’m sure that includes space.

Support BOTGNY and join us in “Leaving No Veteran Behind”


Thank You

Frank Bania

Founder / President

Boots on the Ground NY


Please check our website for all our programs and how we are helping Our Veterans.

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