Breathing, Yoga & Holistic Healing Programs to Begin at the VAC this Thursday

untitledgggThis Thursday night we will be starting a new program. Breathing & Yoga. The Military has started using this and has had tremendous results with Troops & Veterans.

We have been telling fellow Veterans to breathe for a while now, now we’ll show you how.

Research shows that yoga’s deep breathing practices elicit a sense of calm throughout the body and mind. In the case of Veterans, who are often harboring feelings of anger, guilt and shock, it’s helpful in releasing tension.

We will also be starting Reiki & Holistic Healing on Thursdays in the near future after the yoga / breathing session.

All Veterans / Military are invited. All participants in this group will receive a free yoga mat, book and CD’s

Please RSVP for this class,

so we know how many we have coming on Thursdays.

 Program starts at 2000 hrs. at “The VAC”, 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma, 613-615-2200

For more info go to our website

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