Request of Assistance of Time & Trucking / Trailering Needed

We will need a massive amount of assistance over the next few weekends, maybe 4 of the next 6/7. We have been offered a donation of 200 rooms worth of furniture to include couches, dressers, tables, lamps, etc. All of this furniture will be used to help Veterans with nothing have something as they move into homes. Our good friend Jim Barr has found us a large building to store it all.

We have to move the furniture from Farmingdale area out to Calverton, this will take Box trucks, trailers and strong backs. If you can assist this priority mission over the next two months PLEASE shoot me an email ( , or uncle_sam_volunteer-238x300voice mail (631-615-2200), even if you can only help just one time.

I will be coordinating this effort as the furniture is available. And I’m looking to maybe make the 12th of April the first trip.

Thank You and remember this is for Our Veterans, Veterans that were recently homeless or living in a shelter. They deserve our time, as they rebuild their lives.


Frank Bania
Founder / President
Boots on the Ground NY
“Leaving No Veteran Behind”




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