DOD releases Annual Report on Military Suicides

Apr 25, 14 DOD releases Annual Report on Military Suicides
In 2012 there were 319 suicide of Active Duty Troops, 73 in reserve and 130 in the National Guard.
In 2013 there 261 active duty suicides, 213 in the reserve.
This is a DOD report which means there are probably more that might have been ruled as an accident.
There are plenty of ears if your are feeling like there are no other options, think about those you leave behind. Your Spouse, your Kids, your Parents!
What will you be putting them through?
Think of your buddies that have died on the battlefield so that you could live and come Home. Think of the injustice you are doing them when you selfishly take your own life. Reach out, there are options.
Re-connect with your battle buddies! And those that know of someone suffering, talk to them, reach out to people that could help them. It’s our Duty.
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