The Life of a Good Man is worth more then 3 to 9.

Apr 25, 14 The Life of a Good Man is worth more then 3 to 9.

On Sept 28th  2013 a Good Man was taken from us. Chris White.

Chris White was not only my friend since elementary school but was also a team member at Boots on the Ground NY, and was instrumental is much of the interior work at the VAC. He was also a Biker. The morning that he was killed he was part of escort of a 99 year old Veteran that we were taking to the airport for his Honor Flight to the WW2 memorial down in DC. We started that morning on our motorcycles at 0400. Chris was Killed instantly at 0720 hrs.

The court date for his murderer will be on May 21st . This Murderer accepted a plea of 3-9 and on 5/21 he will be sentenced. The Murderers name is Paul Porrini. This Dirtbag admitted to being high on morphine and cocaine, and never even attempting to stop at the traffic light where he hit Chris and 4 other vehicles right at the entrance to Long Island MacArthur Airport. The court case is being heard in D-31 of the Central Islip Courthouse.

What we need is to leave an impact so he does the 9 full years. Letters written and expressed so that the Judge realizes the Man we lost, the Father, Husband, Son, Uncle, Brother, Our Friend!

Please mail letter care of: Boots on the Ground NY, PO Box 675, Bellport NY 11713.

Attention to: The Honorable Fernando Camacho.

We need the letters as soon as possible so that the court has time to read them all and understand our feelings. When writing your letters please remember Chris has three very young sons. Jack, Caleb & Ryan, and his wife Dottie.

At Chris’ Funeral over 180 motorcycles were part of his escort, because we all respected his final mornings actions, giving his time to others. We also realize that it could have been any of us that was on 2 wheels at that intersection and any one of us that didn’t get to go home that morning.

On May 21st I would like to have every Biker, every Motorcycle Enthusiast, every advocate of Veterans to attend this sentencing. Even if we can’t all fit into the courtroom the Judge and Court need to know that there are over 100 Bikers and concerned citizens downstairs in the hall & parking lot because a sentence of 3-9 years is not enough for KILLING one of us.

Let’s plan to meet at the courthouse at 0930 on Wednesday May 21st.   Suffolk County District Court, Central Islip, D-31


Justice for Chris White!!1394353_760084234017739_715187443_n
Frank Bania
Friend of Chris W.!


If more information is needed please email me at



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