Monday Morning Briefing

May 05, 14 Monday Morning Briefing

We had an outstanding weekend as Dave Parker and myself were invited to be Guardians on Honor Flight Long Island this past Saturday. Spending a day with the Heroes who save Our Freedoms during WW2, an unforgettable day.

Our Supporters also came through by attending the motorcycle escort of three of the Veterans along with joining in the sendoff and then again Attending the Welcome Home that evening and greeting the Veterans with cheers, signs and applause of Thanks!

Last week we were able to get food delivered and meet with a few veterans that we will be assisting this month. We also met with the Mother of a Veteran who lost his life to PTSD in September of 2012 and we plan on giving her small 2 room apartment a makeover and looking for individuals that can paint interior walls and ceilings.

Our Volunteer assignments for this week are once again picking up and delivering furniture this Wednesday. Volunteers can meet us at the VAC at 1715 hours, please be able to lift and carry furniture. As of right now we have 3 deliveries to make and 2 pickups.

This weekend the Paradies Shop at LIMA supplied us with another truckload (24 bins) or great product and merchandise for us to ship to our Troops. Big Thanks to the staff over there along with all that shop there and purchase items for Our Troops.

We would also like to acknowledge and Thank the Give Back Yoga Foundation who supplied us with 25 yoga mats, and Yoga Therapy for Veteran tool kits which is supplied through the Omega Institute. All of this support will make for a more successful Thursday night program.

Our May financial status is the following. Presently we have $17,552 in our Veterans Activity Center account. This account pay for the rent, utilities and in house needs of programs. In our Military Care Package account we have $693. The CP account pays for the shipping of Care Packages along with any costs needed for the supplying of shipping materials. Our VSP (Veterans Support) account has $2,355 presently, this account is used for purchasing mattresses, food, and helping assist Veterans in need.

Just for an idea of our spending: we spent over $1,300 on care package shipping in April alone. Costs for VSP were a little over $4,700 for food, mattresses and assistance. Our April expenses for the VAC were $2,800 which included $1700 for our rent and the reminder of the balance going to utilities (electric, gas, cable, internet, phone) and some misc. expenses for needs within the VAC.

Please continue to spread the word of our services and weekday activities to all Veterans & Service Members. Mon-Thursday are Veteran & Military only sessions and gathering.

Monday – misc. in house volunteer work & referral consultation along with ’24’ on TV
Tuesday- Peer Support Group for Combat Veterans
Wednesday – 12 Step Support program
Thursday – Yoga and breathing techniques.
All times are listed on our event calendars.
Thank you all for your support
Frank Bania
Boots on the Ground NY.
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