Thank You Honor Flight Supporters.

May 05, 14 Thank You Honor Flight Supporters.

Thank You!  american_flag_thank_you_greeting_card-rf82f2efbae18411da441f44868974211_xvua8_8byvr_512To all that Supported the Honor Flight Escort and Welcome Home this Saturday. Words cannot put into place the emotions of the morning, day and evening.

The Welcome Home greeting was more than ever expected and really touched all that got off the plane. We thought we had a big Welcome when we landed in Baltimore but even with our late arrival at Long Island MacArthur Airport Saturday night, you all proved Long Island Rocks it Patriotism and Appreciation of Our Veterans.

We plan to get pictures loaded up on our website by next week, if you have any pictures that we can post please email them to . If you know any WW2 Veterans that have not been on the Honor Flight yet, let us know and we will get you in touch with Honor Flight Long Island.

Thank you again for your Support & see you all again in September for the next Honor Flight Long Island.

Frank Bania
Boots on the Ground NY
“Leaving No Veteran Behind”


  1. Admin /

    I had the tremendous honor of being a Guardian on the honor flight from Long Island to DC yesterday . My WWII Veteran had not only served in WWII , but also Korea and Vietnam. His two sons have served in Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan . Along with 57 other WWII Veterans we saw the WWII , Iwo Jima , Arlington National Cemetery, changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier , and the Air Force Memorial. If was one of the best experiences of my life and my WWII Veteran felt the same way. Words cannot express how honored I felt to be in the presence if these TRUE heroes of our Country. We formed an immediate friendship and mutual respect and am sure we will be in contact in the future. I was truly blessed yesterday and can never thank the Honor Flight team for allowing me to be part of something so meaningful , beautiful and do deserved for out WWII Veterans. They are truly the “Greatest Generation”

    David Parker
    Founder & Vice President
    Boots on the Ground NY

  2. Admin /

    Today I was blessed by being chosen to be a Guardian on the Honor Flight, even more special was that my Hero, Casper from Brooklyn and New Hyde Park was a US Army Soldier who spent three years fighting in the Philippines and japan. My grandfather who I never met was also a US Army Soldier who also was stationed in the Philippines where he was taken prisoner, walked the Bataan death march then taken on a hell ship to japan where he was a POW for more than three years until the japs surrendered. Today surrounded by these Great Men was the closest I ever got to my grandfather. There are no words for the feelings today as I walked among Our Greatest.

    Frank Bania
    Founder & President
    Boots on the Ground NY

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