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May 16, 14 BOTGNY News and Upcoming Events

Wearing Red today? Support your Troops and Remember Everyone Deployed

Get your Yellow Ribbon Red Friday shirt today at  Proceeds from shirt sales go towards our Veteran Support Programs.


June 4th the Association of Facility Engineers (AFE) are having their annual Golf Outing at Lido Beach Gold Club. They will be honoring Boots on the Ground NY this year and making a substantial donation from the outing. The outings goes from breakfast to dinner and a very good time in-between and have a lot of things planned for the day. They are still looking for additional sponsors and golfers. For more information please visit their website


On Saturday June 14th we are having our 5th annual Run to the VA. On this day we combine a Father’s Day weekend BBQ at the VA, an Agent Orange Awareness Rally and our Memorial Ride in Honor of SSgt John Andrew Thorburn. The morning will start at the VAC with the Pledge, Our National Anthem, Veteran advocates speaking on behalf of AO, coffee and bagels. We will then travel to Calverton National Cemetery where we will pay our respects to SSgt Thorburn, then travel to the Northport VA where we will fire up the grills and enjoy a BBQ with live music with the Veterans that reside at building 92. This day is open to everyone, all motorcycles and every vehicle. The event will be free but we will be accepting donations that will go to help us provide supplies for hospitalized Veterans, and also accepting donations of new packages of socks, t-shirts and underwear as well for the Veterans.

We are looking for sponsors for this event to cover the cost of the food, beverages and t-shirts. Sponsors are able to purchase mentions on the events shirt. Each of the 100 Veterans that live at building 92 look forward to their t-shirt each year. To sponsor this event:


We have begun getting request for assistance from the front lines. Troops are sending us message via the website letting us know that the PX’s are closing down on the bigger bases now and they need the support from Home. We always have product, snacks and toiletries to ship Thanks to those actively collecting, but we are always in need of shipping funds. We’ve shipped over 1500 boxes already this year. To sponsor a Military Care Package:


We are inviting all motorcycle riders to ride with us at the Montauk & Medford Memorial Day Parades this year. Montauk will be on Memorial Day Sunday. Medford will be on Memorial Day Monday. Staging info and times will be posted on our website and also an email will be sent out on Wednesday.


We left the courthouse location off the email in regards to murder of Chris White. The sentencing will be taking place at the Suffolk County District Court in Central Islip, room D-31 on Wednesday May 21st.


Please don’t forget to spread the word to All Veterans of the in house programs at the VAC. Peer groups, 12 step support meetings, yoga and breathing classes, food pantry. All information is available on our website.


Thank You for Your Support,

Frank Bania

Boots on the Ground NY

“Leaving No Veteran Behind”

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