On Saturday June 21st we will be having an Open House at the VAC.

Jun 03, 14 On Saturday June 21st we will be having an Open House at the VAC.

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Not only is the third Saturday of each month our monthly food drive collection, but this month we will also be collecting and packing Military Care Packages for Our Troops in Afghanistan.

The VAC doors will open at 0930 and there will be bagels and coffee available for breakfast and for lunch we will have hamburgers hot dogs and refreshments available. The VAC will remain open till approx. 1600 hrs.


We are encouraging the community in the meantime to sponsor and actively collect food, toiletries, and snacks for the Veteran Food Pantry as well as for items to ship to the Troops. More detailed information on Troop needs can be found on our website.


If you have ever thought about volunteering with Boots on the Ground NY this is a good opportunity to meet us as well. We are in regular need of assistance when it comes to our Project Veteran Support programs. We will also be on hand to speak with anyone that is interested in doing fundraising and collection drives.


There will be much work to do on the 21st between the food collection and packing, the packing of care packages, addressing of labels, general maintenance and also possibly the delivering of furniture items to our Veterans.


Please also consider making a donation and sponsoring care packages for the Troops. Our goal for June 21st is to pack 240 boxes, which costs between $3,200.00 and $4,100.00. Donations can be made at www.BootsontheGroundNY.com/donate

Thank you for your Support
Frank Bania
Founder / President
Boots on the Ground NY
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