Statewide Motorcycle Escort of 10th Mountain Troops to Shelter Island. Friday – July 11th.

Jun 25, 14 Statewide Motorcycle Escort of 10th Mountain Troops to Shelter Island. Friday – July 11th.

Lt. Joseph Theinert of Shelter Island / Sag Harbor was killed while leading his platoon of 20 men on a mission in Kandahar Province. . Lt. Joseph Theinert was posthumously awarded a Purple Heart for his sacrifice on that day. The 24-year-old soldier and 2004 graduate of Shelter Island High School died in combat on June 4, 2010, and buried on June 11, seven days later on Shelter Island.

B Troop, 1st of the 71st, 10th Mountain Division was Lt Theinert’s unit; they are visiting Shelter Island to spend the weekend with the Lt’s family and community. Not only did the Troop lose the Lt but they lost 5 other Soldiers while in Afghanistan during that deployment alone.

Just as the LT led his platoon in combat we will lead them to his hometown. There will be a motorcycle escort for the Troop from Ft Drum to Shelter Island on Friday July 11th. We ask that all of NY join us throughout the state to show the Soldiers of the 10th Mountain how much we appreciate their Service to Our Country. Below is an itinerary of our route south along with times of refueling and ride thru’s at thruway service areas. Even if you can’t join the escort for any part of the ride, please come stand a flag line or hold a Thank You sign at one of the below points. This escort ride in not only for the Troops but also for Joe’s Family.

This will be the third year providing an escort to the Troop. We are waiting to find out what time the Troop will be on leave to set the times of the staging’s. Yesterday I met with the CO of the Troop and he informed us there will be 15 Soldiers spending the weekend on Shelter Island.

Any interested rider interested in doing the complete escort can ride up the night before with us. We will be staying a local inexpensive hotel. Otherwise riders can meet up with us along any stage along the route.

Many of you joined the Troop for the 2011 & 2012 escorts and there is still so much talk of it on post, The 10th Mountain flag that we all signed in 2011 is proudly hung at the HQ.


Date: Friday July 11th, 2014 (awaiting start time from 1/71 CO)

Departing Fort Drum (TBD)

Rte. 26-South (Great bend Rd), to Rte. 12.

We will continue on Rte. 12 to I-90 East, to I-87-South.


Please stage at the following travel plazas

Mile Post     Between Exits                   Plaza Name

210                30A / 29             Indian Castle (ride by only)

172               27 / 26                 Mohawk   (ride by only)

153               25 / 24                 Guilderland (fuel stop – 10 minute stop)

127                21A / 21B           New Baltimore (ride by only)

96                 20 / 19                 Ulster   (ride by only)

66                 18 / 17                 Modena   (ride by only)

33                15 / 16                 Ramapo (fuel stop – 15 minute stop)


We will then be proceeding over the Tappan Zee Bridge & south on I-87, east on Cross County, over the Whitestone Bridge, Cross Island to the Long Island Expressway, taking the LIE to exit 70-south, at this stage we will be refueling and meeting up with Shelter Island Police to be escorted to Shelter Island.

Suffolk County- Please be staged at the 7-11 on CR-111 in Manorville (1/4 mile south of LIE) (refueling & restrooms available). We will be going through Sag Harbor by way of Jordan’s Bridge.

Any LEO or FD involvement would be much appreciated.


Ride Safe, God Bless & Thank You

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