Sponsors Needed for Massive Military Care Package Pack-out Event!

Sep 25, 14 Sponsors Needed for Massive Military Care Package Pack-out Event!

Every year I plan a massive care package event to get much needed supplies to the Troops, this will be the 6th year of such an event. I’ve asked the Emporium of Patchogue to help me out this year and let us use the space for a few hours on a Sunday (Nov-30th). Were also having 2-3 bands play. This will be one of the most over the top military care pack outs you will probably be part of. There will be no cover or entry fee, but a suggestion that if you come, please bring items to ship to Our Troops, things such as snack, toiletries, games, stationary, socks, hats, you name it, they need it. There’s a complete list of the Boots on the Ground NY website. I want to call out a number of 1500 packages (even though I think we can do much more).

That’s 1500 packages full of items that supporters of the troops bring down. Now that’s also in the range of $15,000 – $18,000 to ship them out. So I need some help getting some corporate & business sponsors involved. Any donations are tax deductible, Boots is a tax exempt IRS recognized 501c19 charity. Sponsors names will go on anything from flyers to website and also they will be able to put banners up at the event for a minimum $500 donation. They can also put out literature, flyers, and business cards at the event. I can also allow some vendors space at the event, as long as your kicking in for shipping. Also to any not for profit that support Veteran organizations, I will also allow you to come in and put up info tables.care package and flags

This event is about one thing and one thing only and that is about Supporting Our Military. And I can use all the help I can get to make this happen. Please reach out to me if you can assist this mission (frankb@bootsonthegroundny.com or 631-294-5248 or 631-615-2200).

Please Support the Troops with me on Sunday November 30th!!!

Thank you,
Frank Bania
Boots on the Ground NY
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