BOTGNY Update.

Dec 31, 14 BOTGNY Update.

Thank you all for your Support this year, it takes the BOTGNY community and our supporters to make this mission possible. We accomplished much this year; shipped thousands of military care packages, put tons of food into the kitchens of Veterans & service members, helped dozens of Veteran families get comfortable in new housing, supplied Thanksgiving & Christmas to hundreds, and built up our programs at the VAC. It’s been a good year.

Over the winter board members will work on streamlining our Mission and making sure we get the most out of every donated dollar. We are hoping to have our 2014 IRS Form-990 completed and available by February.

  • Please mark on your calendar our 4th L.Cpl. annual Robert Cafici PTSD awareness benefit. Sunday April 26th at the Main Event in Farmingdale (tickets will be available soon on our website)
  • Our Sunday morning PT program will be suspended till the weather warms up in early spring/ late winter.
  • Monday evening Ladies peer groups will be suspended 2 weeks until January 19th. Our mentor Alicia is out of state, but the VAC will still be open for you from 7:30-9:00 PM.
  • Tuesday Peer groups and Wednesday 12 step groups are back on full group schedule next week.
  • Third Saturday of each month is our food pantry and care package collection drive at the VAC from 0900-1500 hrs. Please help us to keep the food pantry stocked, more families count on the little we can do that you could imagine. We will also have some in house Volunteer work on Saturday the 19th.
  • Any furniture donation pledges should only go through our website ( use the contact us tab and find the appropriate link. The crews that work on pick up and deliveries are only Volunteers and head out one weekday evening each week and on Saturdays. We try to schedule our pickups to coincide with our delivery schedules and areas. Please try to have items working and clean as sometimes they go directly from your Living Room to the Living Room of a Veteran who just received housing.
  • Please consider becoming a monthly donor by subscribing at just $5 a month. It all goes to Veterans and programs, never a salary or perk, and is all tax deductible.


We wish everyone a safe and joyous New Year, and those serving away from Home, we wish an uneventful deployment and speedy return stateside.

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Leaving No Veteran Behind”
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