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Jan 05, 15 About Us.

Boots on the Ground NY is a team of Veterans that care about Americas Veterans. We’re grunts, we collect and deliver food and furniture for Veterans and their families, and these are usually the Veterans that everyone else overlooked or has forgotten. No Veteran should be hungry or sleeping on the floor. We ship care packages monthly to the military units that don’t have access to supplies. We provide what we can to those that need it most. We open up our doors and hearts to any Veteran that needs it. Veterans are not just a last name and case number to us, we build and maintain friendships. We’re here for the families of the deployed. We’re here for the families of those taken in the Service of their Country. These are commitments we do not take lightly.

Boots on the Ground NY – Leaving No Veteran Behind!!


Our focus is accomplishing a better awareness of the daily struggles that a Veteran faces every day. Unconnected, PTSD, Homelessness, Service-connected-disabled, TBI, Agent Orange, POW-MIA, Service related sickness, Burn pits, Unemployment upon return from deployment; these are just some of the issues.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), making PTSD an everyday household word, where families won’t be ashamed to ask for help for loved ones. Just because you leave the fight, doesn’t mean the fight will leave you. We lose enough soldiers on the battlefield and we shouldn’t be losing them when they come home. We are constantly looking into creating new programs as well as researching existing programs for local Soldiers & Veterans coping with PTSD, getting them connected, pointing them in the right directions. We also need to let them and their Families know there are people who care, understand and want to help them. We currently operate a ‘Veteran Activity Center’ (The VAC) where talk groups, activities and holistic wellness programs will all come into play to help Veterans cope with everyday life. A place where they can gather, learn to lean on each other, rather than resort to drugs, alcohol and ultimately suicide.


A priority of BOTG-NY is not letting Our Veterans that reside & live in Hospitals be forgotten. We schedule trips to Northport VA Hospital regularly. During these visits we deliver supplies as well as friendship while bringing a lunch or dinner, this gives us the chance to sit with the Veterans and get to know the. Once a year on Father’s Day weekend we provide an afternoon BBQ along with live entertainment to the Veterans that now reside at the Nursing Home at Northport VA.

As part of our Project Veteran Support Program; we receive wish lists from VA caseworkers & various Veteran support organizations of needs that local military/veteran families presently need or order to get back on their feet. Upon a Veteran entering the HUD-VASH program we are notified by caseworkers and respond by assisting the Veteran (and family) with furniture, furnishings and food to help them get their new life started. Many of these Veterans were homeless or living in shelters to this point and have a little more than the clothing on their backs.

We have assisted with housing, general funds, furniture, furnishings, clothing, toys and food. We maintain a food and furniture pantry for Veterans who were recently homeless and now living in government approved housing. All that we can offer these Veterans come from community donations.

Just a few of our Veteran Support Programs include:


The VAC” – Veteran Activity Center: “Where Veterans Come Together”

We operate a 2700 sf facility known as the VAC. This building not only acts as our HQ but also houses all of our programs. The VAC was an idea created years ago, from the need of wanting to have a safe place for Veterans when they needed it most. After a year of alterations (all from donated materials and labor) we can finally call it Home. The VAC houses peer groups and community awareness events. A full circle of camaraderie. The VAC has a full service pantry, group meeting room, session and training area, video/TV lounge, coffee café area and a fully stocked pantry of food, toiletries and cleaners as well as misc. furnishings. If someone needs it we have it or will find it for them. The VAC has in the past offered 12 step classes, breathing and yoga classes and also PT programs and we are always interested in trying any program that could benefit Veterans.


Veteran Food Pantry:

We maintain a food pantry (canned, boxed, frozen and fresh) and we have on site freezers and refrigerators to stock any type of food as well. Upon receiving the request members are on the road heading to where supplies are needed. We also maintain hours where Veterans or their families can come down to receive groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies.


Veteran Furniture Pantry: (Veteran Support Program)

We collect, clean up and refurbish used furniture that is donated by citizens in the community. We work closely with HUD VASH case workers which put us in contact with Veterans and their families that have recently been housed in homeless shelters or in some cases domestic abuse shelters. Upon knowing that the Family has received housing and  receiving and reviewing the needs of the family our team members are loading the Veteran Support Trailers and making way to the Veterans new housing to help in making it a Home. We also provide these Veteran / Military families with new mattresses.


Care package Program:

We actively engage in events where we collect material donations for the Military serving in Harm’s Way in Iraq & Afghanistan (and other parts of the world) then sending care packages to the Troops that no longer might have PX’s available in their area of operation. We have had much success working alongside community groups such as the Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts, JROTC and other organizations all striving to assist local Veterans. Expenses of shipping are through general donations by the community. We ship packages monthly to Service members and once a year we host a community collection and pack out night, where we have packed as many as 3800 boxes in a single evening.


Welcome Home Troops:

We coordinate Welcome Home Escorts for active duty military arriving at local Airport’s. Upon request of a Welcome Home we meet with families of Active duty Military prior to Service Members returning home and discuss issues that the Service Member may deal with upon their return Home. We also have the Honor of Escorting WW2 Veterans twice a year as they spend the day with the Honor Flight out of LIMA.


Holiday Programs: Christmas & Thanksgiving

We host an Annual Holiday Breakfast which not only allows us to spend a morning with our friends & supporters but also allows the community to bring along items such as Christmas gifts, Food and Holiday cheer that we deliver on Christmas Eve each year to Veteran Families that we have assisted throughout the year. We also provide Holiday Cheer to a ward at the Northport VA each year. (In December of 2014 we were able to provide gifts to over 96 children of Veterans). in 2015 we were able to provide over 350 veterans and their families with Turkeys and groceries for Thanksgiving.


Annual PTSD Benefit:

Annually we host a benefit to create an awareness of PTSD. We do so in Memory of Marine Combat Veteran Robert Cafici who lost the battle after years of struggling and trying to cope. The funds from this event are used to pay the annual cost of the VAC.


Understanding Sacrifice the Moving Memorial:

We are currently working on designing one of our furniture moving trailers that will also act as a Memorial to all we have lost in Service to their Country, creating a constant awareness of the cost of Freedom.


In order to continue our programs, we are always in need of donations and sponsors, to be successful and meet all our goals we need fellow Americans like You, Patriots.. We survive and operate through donations from the community. No member receives a salary or compensation of any kind. The Board Members & Directors are all volunteers & Veterans who have served or are serving Our Country Honorably.



If you would like to help, please contact us.

Boots on the Ground NY is a d/b/a of USVMC-LI.INC, is a 501c19 tax exempt not for profit organization # 27-4279559.


Thank You.

Frank “Frankie B” Bania

Service Connected Disabled Veteran – US Army

Boots on the Ground NY, Founder & President

 “Leaving No Veteran Behind”


thank you

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