Weekend update (2015/01/23)

Jan 23, 15 Weekend update (2015/01/23)

The VAC will not be open this Saturday, January 24th. On Saturday the 31st we are delivering furniture to Veterans, anyone that can assist with these Shirley/ Mastic area deliveries please let us know and we will tell you where to meet us.

The VAC will be open mid-day on the 31st once we get back in from making the deliveries though, the amount of volunteer work that day will depend on how much funds we can raise this week for shipping care packages, we need funds to ship approximately 240-280 boxes more, as we have close to 100 pre packed and enough supplies to pack 140 plus more with supplies adding up weekly.

We are considering opening the VAC up for a pot luck Super Bowl party on the 1st, who would be interested if we do?

Tomorrow the weather reports have mixed predictions, so who knows what will happen, but be careful if you absolutely have to drive anywhere, and please check on your neighbors.

Please help us spread the word regarding our Veteran Support Groups that are held weekly at the VAC, Monday is a female Veteran peer support group, Tuesday male veterans, Wednesday is a 12 step group that we refer to as recovery in the trenches. Groups at the VAC are anonymous and there is never a charge for anything. Many times we hear from Veterans that they don’t know where to go, which is a lousy excuse. Between BOTGNY resources, the resources offered at the VA and all of the other local resources there is plenty of assistance out there. You may need it, but you need to want it.




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