March’s Monthly Boots Briefing.

Mar 05, 15 March’s Monthly Boots Briefing.

Good morning Friends & Supporters,

Just want to remind everyone of the current programs at the VAC (Veteran Activity Center). The VAC “Where Veterans Come Together”

Monday – Peer Support group for female Veterans, doors open at 1900 hrs. Meeting starts promptly at 1730 hours, refreshments and snacks available

Tuesday – Peer Support group for male Veterans, doors open at 1900 hrs. Meeting starts promptly at 1730 hours, refreshments and snacks available

Wednesday – 12 Step NA format support groups for Veterans, Military and family members, doors open at 1900 hrs. Meeting starts promptly at 1730 hours, refreshments and snacks available

Select Thursdays – Free public seminars (see below)

Select Saturdays – General Volunteer work at the VAC, food & furniture pantry deliveries, care package program etc.

Sundays PT (gym training) will begin again in the spring.

Any Veteran in immediate crisis please remember that the local VA is only in Northport and three more in our general area, the emergency room is always there to handle anything from crisis to homelessness and also know the 1800 emergency crisis number 1800-273-TALK and press 1 for Veterans. Don’t make it 23 a day.

Please use the schedule on our website for any updated changes or new programs or our Facebook page for last minute changes.



RED shirt Fridays – Do you wear RED on Friday to Remember Everyone Deployed? We have a few styles of RED shirts available in our online support store, proceeds from shirt sales go towards BOTGNY programs. To view our BOTGNY RED shirt


Monthly Seminar Program, yesterday we mailed out the program info and all are invited to attend, those that deal first hand with Military & Veterans are strongly encouraged to attend. We will be providing refreshments snacks and buffet style chow for those that attend. The VAC will be open by 1730 hours on those 3rd Saturdays if the month. We only ask for RSVP so that we properly arrange seating and have enough chow available. Please RSVP to


4th Annual Robert Cafici PTSD Awareness Benefit. Tickets are now available on our website for a presale price of $5 off. This is BOTGNY most important fundraiser, not only is it important that Roberts Story be known so that it may save another Veteran but this fundraiser also support activities and programs at the VAC as well as pays the rent and utilities. We have had a generous supporter step up again this year and donated the funds needed to cover costs of the venue, printing and the cost of incidentals to help make this a huge success. (Thank You BM!)

We are also in need of baskets, merchandise, items and service to raffle off for this event. If you have a donation to help support this event please contact us. Your donation is tax deductible. To purchase your ticket to this event


Our next food / care package collection date is Saturday, March 21st. the VAC will be open from 0930-1420 hours. Collections help stock our food pantry, as well as items that we share with hospitalized Veterans and items we ship overseas to our troops.

What can we use? Toiletries, cans of food such as stew, chili, hearty soups, sauce, oatmeal, boxes of pasta/rice, canned or boxed meals easy to prepare style meals, protein bars, coffee, frozen turkeys/chickens/meats, packages of new socks and underwear. This is just a small list but you understand the idea, we have a more specific list for care packages on our website. Our care package program link is


At this time, we are in dire needs of financial donations. It’s been a long winter, with many requests for assistance and less donations than expected. BTGNY survived solely from community donations and the events we host. We have no government grants, no corporate sponsors. We also have no paid members, we are 100% volunteer. Our 2013 990 is available for your viewing, over 98% went to Veterans & programs, our accountant is working on 2014 990 presently. We currently have enough funds in our VAC account to cover another months’ worth of bills at the VAC. We currently have enough funds in our care package program account to only ship another 43 care packages overseas. Our VSP (Veteran support program) account as of today has less than $1000. (This account is the one that purchases mattresses, food, heating oil, car repairs, covers emergency costs and medical equipment, it also cover costs associated with needs for hospitalized Veterans and also covers the costs for anything needed there and food for our weekend visits).

To make a donation towards of VAC or VSP programs please use the link:

To purchase a support item such as a hat, t-shirt, sticker or coffee mug please use the link:

To support a care package to a Service Member on the front line please use the link:

To view our website:

To view our Facebook please use the link:

To help us purchase a mattress for a Veteran please use the link


Thank you for taking the time to read this email and supporting Boots on the Ground NY. You have our word that we are doing everything possible to assist Veterans that walk through our doors and are at a crossroads in their life. Please share our emails and programs so that more Veterans and supporters realize what BITGNY has to offer. Together you and BOTGNY are “Leaving No Veteran Behind”. Please stay warm and commute safely today. I will be at the VAC on Saturday morning for those that wish to discuss any program or support matters. Please also realize that all board and team members including myself are part time Volunteers with families and full time careers and we are not always available during the week for matters that are not a Veteran with a priority matter.


Thank you again for your Support!

Frank Bania

Boots on the Ground NY

Founder / President

VAC address: 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma, NY

Mail address: PO Box 675 Bellport NY 11713


“Leaving No Veteran Behind”






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