Military Welcome Home Greeting & Escort this Friday

Apr 23, 15 Military Welcome Home Greeting & Escort this Friday

Join us this Friday (4/24) as we WELCOME HOME Sgt Frank Scott US Army. The Sgt has had two tours in Afghanistan, has completed 10 years of Military service and is most recently coming home from Alaska.

All are encouraged to join us either for the Welcoming at JFK, the Welcoming on his street in Mastic, or along for the Motorcycle Escort.
For those wishing to ride out to greet in the Airport, please meet me at the Peter Pan Diner for a KSU of 2:00PM (1400hrs). Or at the Burger King outside of JFK on Rockaway Blvd at 3:00PM (1500hrs)
His plane is scheduled to land at 1530 hrs. and we hoping to be back on the road close to 1600hrs (4:00PM). We are hoping to make the Oakdale merge and meet first responders at 1715/1730 hrs. Riders may also be on the side of the road safely and join us from this point. We will be heading east on Sunrise Hwy to William Floyd Parkway. As of now we don’t know what route we will take to his Mastic Home, this will depend on local first responder’s suggestions.
We would like to have on his block set up by 6:00PM (1800 Hrs.) a Welcome Home greeting party for this Soldier, please meet and stage on Clover Street near the intersection of Eleanor Ave. Please bring flags or signs. I will need to have a point of contact there as I will be on the escort, if anyone wishes to handle that for me, email me for the address of the Welcoming.
Thank you
Frank Bania
Boots on the Ground NY
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