The Pantry is Bare – Food Drive this Saturday

Oct 15, 15 The Pantry is Bare – Food Drive this Saturday

The food pantry is bare!!

Not only is our pantry bare but so are the pantries we stock at other locations for Veterans in need!


So this Saturday October 17th we will be collecting the following:

Canned food, boxed food, frozen foods!! We can accept boxes, cans, fresh and frozen foods.

It’s that time of the year, so frozen turkeys, chicken and hams are also needed

New packages of socks, t-shirts, underwear and sweatpants/shirts for hospitalized Veterans.

Please always consider buying a few extra items when there is a sale to help out those that have served for us. Supermarket gift cards are also greatly appreciated, they allow the Veterans to go food shopping for their families.


The Third Saturday of each month is our monthly all day collection drive. The VAC is open from 1000-1400 for collections of food, toiletries, items for care packages, and also for pots/pans, dishes/glasses, microwaves, coffee pots, toaster ovens, etc. for Veterans that have recently found stable housing.


Saturday November 21st, Is the next food drive collection date.

We will also have a frozen turkey collection date which will be emailed out as soon as planned.


Veterans / Military and their families should never be hungry! Put aside the humbleness and call us for a delivery to your house. Our Food pantry is also available also at group meetings.


Call Boots on the Ground NY at 631-615-2200 or visit our website for more info. Our food pantry is stocked by the goodness and generosity of the community.


Please done forget out Veteran peer support group every Tuesday evening.

“Where Veterans Come Together”

Open house format Veterans Peer group for all Veterans. Every Tuesday evening.

Please help us spread the word to post 9/11 Veterans, there is a place to go.

You can feel free to vent, laugh, break bread, and utilize the pantry. Anything said in the VAC stays in the VAC. Sometimes you just need to be around other Veterans.

No paperwork, no fees, no membership, completely confidential.

Doors open at 1900 hrs, please arrive before 1930 hrs please. Snacks, refreshments & food all available at 1900 hrs.

This is a Veteran & Service member evening only.





Our Veteran Support Program:

As some of you know we assist Veterans in HUD VASH programs. These are Veterans who have the VA assisting them with getting housing after a time of being classified as homeless. Upon receiving a referral from the VA caseworker we respond with home furnishings of necessity, new mattresses and food. Mattresses are bought and paid for either by BOTGNY or by donors and furniture comes through donations from the community that are in very good shape. The basics we supply are dressers, beds, living room sets and dining sets. We also supply the basic kitchen needs: microwaves, coffee makers, pots/pan, dishes, etc.


To make a furniture donation pledge, please use the form on our website ( ) and use the links under contact us. Small kitchen items can be brought to the VAC on the 3rd Saturday of each month (1000-1400hrs.) when we have our monthly food collection drive. We do not store furniture at the VAC and those items can be pre-arranged to be picked up of dropped off at one of our storage locations. Our Trailer crew only goes on the road about 3 times a month for picking up and making deliveries.


Please do not drop off collection items at the VAC during the week. The VAC is not occupied during the day unless for private appointments and weeknights are reserved for Veteran support groups.


The VAC (Veteran Activity Center) is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779.


To make a donation please use

Or mail to PO Box 675 Bellport NY 11713


Please view our website or Facebook for VAC schedule of support groups for Veterans.


Thank You.

Frank Bania

Boots on the Ground NY

“Leaving No Veteran Behind”


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