We need Turkeys! Turkey and Thanksgiving food drive collection ongoing for local Veterans and their families

Nov 13, 15 We need Turkeys!   Turkey and Thanksgiving food drive collection ongoing for local Veterans and their families


We have just been asked to help provide a Veteran community with 64 frozen turkeys

so we need to step up this food drive, not only turkeys but general groceries and sides.

Please help us to fulfill this request to assist additional Veterans.


It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing and the Holidays are around the corner. Thanksgiving is this month. As many of us are blessed to know we’ll be in our Home with our Families with a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner but many local Veterans are just struggling to maintain a roof over their head. They shouldn’t have to worry about what will or won’t be on the dinner table.

We will be starting our Annual Turkey Drive this month and be collecting right up until Thanksgiving.

Last year (2014) we collected and distributed over 120 turkeys, not only the bird but also in some cases up to 30 pounds of food with it. for this drive in 2013 we collected over and distributed over 140 turkeys along with up to 60 pounds of groceries.

Boots on the Ground NY works with many Veterans and their families throughout the year and we know their situations. We also get many calls for assistance and we like to tell them not to worry about the Holidays, we’ll be there for you & the community will be there for you through us.

We maintain freezers and refrigerators on site at the VAC and are ready to start collecting Turkeys at our November 7th food drive collection. We will also be collecting on pretty much each Saturday till Thanksgiving and also on some select evenings, but can also meet by notification at what’s convenient for you as some of our members do work in the area.

No Veteran should ever worry about meals and the Holidays, please Support Our Veterans and join us in “Leaving No Veteran Behind”


Guaranteed collection dates and times (more will be added) (check our Facebook page.)

Saturday November 7th, 1200-1500 hrs.

Tuesday November 10th, 1800-2000 hours

Saturday November 14th, 1100-1400 hours

Tuesday November 17th, 1800-2000 hours

Thursday November 19th, 1800-2000 hours

Saturday November 21st, 1000-1500 hours (also our monthly food drive collection day)


The VAC (Veteran Activity Center) is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma. 631-615-2200


Thank You for Your Support!

Frank Bania

President / Founder

Boots on the Ground NY


Leaving No Veteran Behind!








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