A few words from our Founder

Nov 19, 15 A few words from our Founder

The other night as I was looking down the VAC for the evening I took a good look around, I may not say it much but I love this place and what we created here. Over the past 32 months it’s been more home then it should have been and there was a cost associated with that but our mission is strong and we have endured a lot of bullshit from people that were hellbent on us not succeeding, but we’ve helped hundreds of Veterans, that’s a serious real number not like other groups adding I don’t know what up. Over 320 turkeys on thanksgiving alone were hand delivered to homes in the past two thanksgivings. Over 10,000 care packages have been shipped since we started shipping. Last year alone we provided Christmas gifts to over 100 kids, and gift cards to 26 families. Over a hundred mattresses brand new bought and delivered, over 100 Veterans and their families we have helped start a new home for by furnishing it, I can’t even guess how many tons of food we have delivered, how much personal care items to Veterans in hospitals. 5 cars granted to Vets. A dozen trips to Walter reed before it moved. The welcome homes! The WW2 escorts. Funeral expenses.

Then there are the Veterans we have been able just to be there for in dark hours.

I can keep going on, easily. Boots on the Ground NY is a growing success story. Like it or not.

We have done so much with little but much heart and passion.

Thank you for having our back, because of you we have theirs!

Frank Bania – Founder/President

Boots on the Ground NY

“Leaving No Veteran Behind”


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