Today is called ‪#‎GIVINGTUESDAY – give 100% to the Troops

Dec 01, 15 Today is called ‪#‎GIVINGTUESDAY – give 100% to the Troops


Why not get the most out of your buck, and use that money to send a package to the troops? 100% of the Care Package Sponsorship money go towards shipping packages, all the items inside the package are donated and each package estimated value is over $50 bucks…. here’s the link

No one’s get paid a cent at Boots on the Ground NY, Boots is completely 100% Volunteer and is a 501c19 Tax Exempt Veterans Organization. We are recognized by the state & federal government as the same type of organization as the VFW or American Legion.

The Holidays are coming up, many of you donate this time of year, and many organizations look for donations this time of year. Don’t find yourself donating to a “charity” that gives it to members as a Christmas bonus from your hard earned donation.

Support your local Veteran Organizations!


Boots on the Ground NY

“Leaving No Veteran Behind!”

FED# 27-4279559

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