What does Boots on the Ground NY do with your donations.

Dec 24, 15 What does Boots on the Ground NY do with your donations.

What does Boots on the Ground NY do with your donations?
We ship care packages to the Troops. (over 5000 every year)
We furnish apartments of those Veterans in the HUD-VASH program. (over 60 veterans every year)
We supply new mattresses to Veterans and their family members in the HUD VASH program.
We maintain a full food pantry and personal care item pantry at the VAC available to all Veterans.
We bring needed supplies, food, phone cards, clothing to Veterans in the Hospital and in patient programs.
We bring supplies to Veteran homeless shelters.
We grant donated vehicles to veterans in need of transportation.
For Thanksgiving we collect turkeys and hams and offer them along with groceries to any veteran in need (in 2015 it was 331 veterans that received our assistance)
For Christmas we collect toys, new clothing, gift cards, food, new housewares and assist Veterans and their families (in 2015 we provided gifts and needs to over 300 between Children and Veterans in hospitals and programs).
We cover expenses at the VAC (such as rent, insurance, utility bills).
We have occasional outings for Veterans (such as bowling, movies or sports events).
We provide groups and seminars at the VAC.
We provide a brotherhood / sisterhood to all Veterans that may need a shoulder, a hand or a ear.
We do this as Volunteers, 100% Volunteers. No Salaries.
To make a tax deductible donation: www.BootsontheGroundNY.com/donate

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