See You Sunday!

Jan 28, 16 See You Sunday!

12662006_523293757844835_4569957875462013149_nWe’ll see you Sunday!!!

Doors will be open at 2 PM

What not to bring to the pack out for the troops.. Aerosol cans (such as shaving cream), bags of snack chips (the bags will bust open, chips crushed, etc).
What they Troops are requesting are: (most requested items from emails) healthy snacks, spam, Vienna sausages, canned meats, drink mixes, new books, K-cups/coffee, cans of coffee, coffee machines, Packets of tuna fish/chicken, peanut butter, gym clothes, iTunes gift cards, PS video games, body wash, laundry soap pods, Vape kits, razors, black or green quality boot socks, twin bed sheet sets, phone chargers, microwavable food, power bars, protein bars, trail mix packets, DVD’s, winter hats, blankets, tan or green t-shirts, baby wipes, Snacks. We do also have a complete list on our website
it’s a all ages event, bring all of the Family.
cant attend but would like to make a donation for shipping costs?
The Emporium is located at 9 Railroad Ave, Patchogue Village,
just one block north of the train station.
Doors open at 2pm, Presentation of Colors at 2:45 PM, Live Music 3pm
THANK YOU!12540990_522213861286158_6302929621565477227_n
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