Sundays Pack Out!.. What Outstanding Support!.. Thank You!

Feb 03, 16 Sundays Pack Out!.. What Outstanding Support!.. Thank You!

Thank You All for an Amazing Day Sunday at the PACK OUT. A great example of the community coming together, getting involved and working together to accomplish a mission in Troop Support. Over 1300 people attended the event yesterday which the doors opened at 2 pm and already had 800 people in the Emporium before the ceremony at 3 pm. We didn’t get a total weight count on donated supplies yet, but the amount of packed boxes was guesstimated at 2700, two trailers were loaded up at 9 pm and they were delivered to the Holbrook Post Office, where USPS employees are already working on the drop to get those packages to the Troops. The amount of donated supplies was such an overwhelming amount that we had to call in for reinforcements and have a tractor trailer show up at 7pm and load what wasn’t going to get packed inside the event and transport the supplies to the VAC. Due to the amazing amount of support this Pack-Out we will have a second phase on Saturday at the VAC starting at 11 AM and go to about 5pm. We could possibly hit 4500 boxes!!

Going into this event we had $16,000 in the shipping fund, we collected around $7,200 in donations at the door, the 50/50 winner Mike from 45 RPM was gracious enough to donate back his winnings, which put another $2200 into the shipping fund, after that was announced we had a person who wants to remain anonymous pledge $2,500 towards shipping and we also received another $2,000 is sponsorship support. This will cover the two trailers that were delivered to the Holbrook post office Sunday night. Boxes range between $10-$17 per box shipped depending on the APO zip code. (and yes we will still need to raise almost another $20,000 to cover what we may pack this weekend)

This is amazing.

Although this was the 2nd annual event at the Emporium it was our 7th annual pack out event. The Patchogue VFW, the Bellport Fire Department, The Patchogue Moose lodge, the VAC are just a few places we have held these event in the past so you can see the amount of growth that has taken place. This is because the community cares and some have Volunteered and put weeks into this event behind the scene, conducting collections, addressing labels, sorting donations and all that goes into an event such as this.

We would also like to Thank the Emporium, Decadia, 45 RPM, Newsday, WBAB, WABC 7 News, Unchained NY, Holbrook Post office, William Floyd NJROTC, the Sea Cadets, and all of our Green shirts at the event. This list could go on for a bit. But, most of all………….

We would like to Thank YOU, the community, the people that support us, care about Our Veterans & Troops. We don’t have grants or corporate sponsors keeping this organization afloat, we have the hard work of the volunteers and the generous support & contributions of the community. We hope we did you all proud yesterday, supporting Our Troops, Honoring Our Fallen and providing an experience for all of our attendees.


And just as a FYI, next year’s pack out will be at the Emporium again, on the Sunday before the Super Bowl, we will open earlier and add a packing station to the dance floor for the first three hours of the event. And don’t forget phase  2 of this pack out on Saturday (Feb-6) at the VAC located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma between 10AM and 5PM.


At Sundays event penny raised went to shipping care packages, the bands & musicians volunteered their talent, the Emporium donated the space, the sound team and the food buffet and media support was provided by those stations. Printed flyers were donated. Every person there was a volunteer. 100% of every dollar yesterday went to shipping care packages J  Boots on the Ground NY!!


To make a donation that is tax deductible and will go towards shipping please visit our website at


Thank You.


Frank Bania

Boots on the Ground NY, President / Founder.emporuimddd

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