Dog Training & Outreach Program coming to the VAC

Veterans / Service members!


Do you have a dog and would like FREE training? Does your dog jump, pull on the leash, steal food or ignore you when you ask him to sit? Does your dog take your socks, chew your shoes, pees in the house or runs away? Or, is your dog so sweet that you would like him to become a certified therapy dog to bring to the VA hospital? Are you thinking about getting a dog and want to talk about adopting a dog? Are you interested in fostering a dog in need?


WHAT: FREE Dog Training class to all Veterans & Military service members

WHEN: Saturday, (first class) February 13th at 11:00 am – This class will be held on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month

WHERE: The VAC (Veterans Activity Center), 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

WHO: Woof Pack Training & Unchained New York. Please email for any additional questions.


Training Class Guidelines:


– Dogs are not allowed to socialize with the other dogs in class. Not all dogs are dog friendly, and we will teach our dogs that they are not allowed to say “hello” to other dogs unless when appropriate and only when given explicit permission.


– For safety reasons, human aggressive and highly dog reactive dogs will be asked to leave the class. (If there are people who need help with these issues we can discuss on a case by case basis).


– We recommend not feeding your dogs before class, so that they come hungry and willing to work for food. Please bring “high value” training treats that your dog will work for (Happy Howies, Natural Balance


Please contact Boots on the Ground NY or Unchained NY to register for this class or




And on Monday Night February 29th

Ever thought of getting involved with Dog Rescue or Outreach?

Stop down to the VAC for this open to the public talk. This night is open to everyone.

We will also be creating an outreach team for Veterans looking to get involved and anyone interested in joining Unchained NY’s team is also welcome to come down. This will be hosted by Unchained NY who has partnered with us with training Veterans dogs at no charge to the Veteran at our VAC facility.

Anyone looking to find out about dog rescues, outreach or training is welcome and encouraged to join us at the VAC



Interested in becoming a UCNY volunteer?? Please come down to the informational session and humane education presentation we will be presenting at Boots on the Ground NY Monday, February 29th at 7:00 pm!!


Various volunteer opportunities include:

– Fostering

– Community outreach program

– Adoption events

– Fundraisers

– Humane education presentations

– Grant Writing

– Flyering

– Home visits

– Vet transport for outreach dogs

– Donation pick ups and drives

– And various other opportunities


All people – young and old – are welcome!! Please no pets though as we will be bringing some of our UCNY outreach alumni as part of the humane education presentation!



And on Saturday March 5th


This will be out first combined outreach day. If you’re interested in being part of an Animal Outreach Team, please RSVP and also plan on attending the talk on 2/29 at the VAC:

The teams will meet at the VAC and then head into the Bellport Area. We will be forming a team and assisting Unchained NY as they feed and supply local dogs in the Bellport Area and as they assist Dog owners that need help in taking care of their Dogs. These animals are usually chained up outside in the weather and only have shelters, pens and food that are supplied by Unchained NY. Boots is looking to supply a team of Veterans & Supporters to assist on a monthly basis.


For more information on Boots on the Ground NY go to or 631-615-2200


for more information on Unchained NY or Woof Pack go to



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