3rd Annual BOTGNY Sport Shoot

Oct 25, 16 3rd Annual BOTGNY Sport Shoot

This weekend professionals from the construction field in NYC got together and hosted the 3rd Annual BOTGNY Sport Shoot. They also invited 5 Veterans from Boots on the Ground NY, to be part of their event and welcomed us into their circle of friendship. The event is now hosted yearly at the Catskill Pheasantry located outside of Long Eddy NY.

This year the event this year raised over $13,000.00 (not bad for sport shoot weekend of 20 friends who gathered and dug deep into their pockets. Upon arriving at the cabins this year we found out that one of the handlers at the Peasantry, who is also a 10th Mountain Iraq War Veteran son, who’s only 6 years old, was diagnosed with a terminal disease and was in need of a wheelchair that the family’s insurance refused to cover. The 50/50 was donated to this Veteran along with a check from BOTGNY providing the Veteran with over $4,300.00 towards the purchase of the wheelchair.

This is what we do, this is what that event is about, assisting Veterans that really need the help. We were able to meet his Son this weekend and once again our hearts were touched in a way that can’t be put into words. The remaining funds from this weekend will be used for sending care packages to the Troops serving in multiple ongoing War front, because of this event over 1000 Troops will receive a care package from Boots on the Ground NY.

That’s a huge ripple effect from a weekend gathering of friends. I would like to personally THANK: Catskill Pheasanty, Star-Lo Electric, Bodak-Cameron Engineering, EJ York, Signature Construction, Milrose Consulting, Alternative Energy Solutions, Service Works Inc, Icor Solutions.

Lazslo, Dennis, Dale, Joe, Jeremy – Thank you so much for putting this all together, I couldn’t say thank you enough.

Frank Bania
BOTGNY – Founder



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