300 more Turkeys (frozen) needed for Local Veterans that have recently transitioned from being homeless – Operation Turkey Drop 2016

Nov 07, 16 300 more Turkeys (frozen) needed for Local Veterans that have recently transitioned from being homeless – Operation Turkey Drop 2016
It’s that time of the year, when the leave change color and fall, its mean the holidays are upon us. For many Veterans, we know this may be their first Holiday season in a new home that they just recently transitioned into from a homeless condition. And there is nothing more special than having a Thanksgiving Dinner at home being Thankful for what’s in front of you. As many of us are blessed to know we’ll be in our Home with our Families with a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner but many of these local Veterans are just struggling to maintain a roof over their head. They shouldn’t have to worry about what will or won’t be on the dinner table.
For the past few years we have provided turkeys and groceries for these Veterans and delivered them to their new homes. In 2013 we provided 140 turkeys along with fixing and a bag of groceries In 2014 we provided 120 turkeys along with boxes of groceries averaging 60 pounds In 2015 we provided over 340 turkeys along with boxes of 25 pounds of groceries, this started with a simple request to help a Veteran community out in Amityville with a simple request of 60 turkeys, but we knew of so many more out there that deserve to be helped out on Thanksgiving, to some it just maybe be a frozen bird to cook, but to a Veteran family trying to provide, its means everything and a chance for us all to show some appreciation of their service and sacrifice with this small token of gratitude. This year not are we only assisting the dozens of veterans we assisted transitioning into housing this year, but also Veterans in the HUD VASH program throughout Long Island (and there are hundreds). We will be providing turkeys and groceries this year to 60 veterans at liberty village, 50 at liberty commons. 70 veterans in Concerned livings programs, 60 in Beacon Houses programs, 40 in VA programs, 60 local senior Veterans and we are also already receiving emails weekly from veterans through our assistance request form on our website asking us to provide this November.
I may have taken on more than we can handle, but how do you say ‘no’, I simply say ‘don’t worry about the Holidays we have your backs’, because I know that Boots on the Ground NY has the best supporters, and I can be there for them, because you will be there for us. No Veteran should ever worry about meals and the Holidays, so please Support Our Veterans and join us in “Leaving No Veteran Behind”
Guaranteed collection dates and times are as follows:
Saturday October 29th 1000 hrs – 1500 hrs.   Wednesday November 2nd 1800 hrs-2100hrs.    Saturday November 5th 1000hrs – 1500 hrs.   Tuesday November 8th, 1830 hrs – 2200 hrs.    Saturday November 12th 1200 hrs – 1500 hrs.    Tuesday November 15th 1830 hrs – 2100 hrs.    Wednesday November 16th 1800 hrs-2100hrs.    Saturday November 19th 1000hrs – 1500hrs.    Tuesday November 22nd 1830 hrs – 2000 hrs.
More weekday evenings may be posted as t-giving nears
Unable to attend and drop off supplies? then please make a tax-deductible donation at www.BootsonthegroundNY.com/donate
The VAC (Veteran Activity Center) is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma. 631-615-2200
My cell is 631-294-5248, text me if you need to drop off at hours differently than posted, I only work a few miles away from the VAC.
Thank You for Your Support!
Frank Bania BOTGNY – Founder.
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