“Remembering Our Fallen” to be displayed this Sunday in Patchogue

Jan 26, 17 “Remembering Our Fallen” to be displayed this Sunday in Patchogue





On September 10th, this past year, I was invited by my friend Gary Santora to the USS Intrepid which is docked in NYC, there was a memorial unveiling ceremony of a tribute wall which displayed all of NY’s Fallen Service Members since 9/11/2001. Gary is the father of Sgt Jason Santora, Jason was an US Army Ranger who was killed on April 23rd 2010 outside of Kabul. He was the 1,050 US Service Member to be killed in Afghanistan. I had the Honor of leading the escort of Sgt Santora Home from Dover Airfield and then again to Calverton National Cemetery. It’s hard to describe the feeling that comes over you as you stand in front of the pictures of all these Heroes who gave their life for Our Country. A few of the names and faces I have ridden in Funeral escorts and when you know their families there is heavy emotions. This wall touched me and I would like it to touch as many of you as we can. I have requested to have it displayed at Our Event on Sunday at the Emporium and that request was accepted. I am Honored to be able to host this tribute and to say that this Wall of Sacrifice will be on display from 11:30 till 9pm during the entire care package event at the Emporium this Sunday, located at 9 Railroad Ave, Patchogue.

 Thank you to Emily Toro for helping make this Suffolk County display happen, Emily is the mother of Pv2 Isaac Cortes who was killed on November 27, 2007 in Iraq. Isaac was with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division. And thank you to the United War Veterans Council in NYC for entrusting us with the Memorial.

http://www.rememberingourfallen.org/  is the website to explain the Memorial.

Frank Bania – Boots on the Ground NY

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