Remembering Our Fallen

Feb 10, 17 Remembering Our Fallen

“Remembering Our Fallen” is a photographic war memorial created to remember our country’s military Fallen who have died in The War on Terror.  Because 9/11/2001 was such a defining moment for so many Americans, this memorial includes our country’s Fallen since that tragic day in our nation’s history.   

Unlike most war memorials made of brick and mortar, this one includes both military and personal photos of our Fallen.  It is designed to travel to offer more people the opportunity to remember our Fallen while being reminded of the tremendous cost of our freedom. Its legacy will be that these men and women will be remembered and their names will be spoken, while hopefully, helping to lessen the grief of their families.

The greatest fear of their families left behind is that their Fallen loved ones will be forgotten.

“Remembering Our Fallen” Will be on display at the VAC on Saturday February 18th and Sunday February 19th from 11AM till 4 pm each day. (hours are subject to change to extend evening hours).

The VAC (Veterans Activity Center) is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma NY. 631-615-2200.

Boots on the Ground NY also provides needed supplies to disadvantaged and hospitalized Veterans, so please think about dropping off items for the food pantry or items for hospital stays (such as socks, sweatpants/shirts, t-shirts, shower shoes, etc.) We are also actively collecting items to ship to our Troops overseas. Categorized collection bins will in the entry room at the VAC this weekend

“Man, does not die until he is forgotten.”

We thank you for your Support

Boots on the Ground NY

“Leaving No Veteran Behind”

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