BOTGNY steps up for Hurricane Relief Support in Texas & Florida.

Sep 20, 17 BOTGNY steps up for Hurricane Relief Support in Texas & Florida.

Over the past two weeks BOTGNY was busy helping with Hurricane relief. 2 weeks ago, we were able to collect supplies and ship over 130 boxes to Veterans and Military Members working the recovery effort in Texas when Harvey hit. Last Tuesday and the prior weekend we held an emergency collection for recovery items for Florida and recovery / relief efforts from Hurricane Irma. Last Tuesday night our Veteran Peer Group sorted, packed and loaded out 18-foot trailer out. The Community Support of donations was amazing as we were able to deliver 12,000 pounds of food, water, and recovery items such as garbage bags, tarps, tools, generators, plastic, ropes, tape, cleaning supplies, facemasks, gloves, etc.

Wednesday morning the trailer left driven by BOTGNY Founder Frank Bania. It was Thursday late afternoon by the time we met up with Team Striker and Trinity Bay Tactical who had just come in from Texas rescue and recovery efforts and was setting up base camp in Lake Wales which is located in Polk County, Florida. Team Striker and Trinity Bay Tactical are all Volunteers and led by US Army Veterans. We made a smart choice getting behind these two teams knowing the most would come of the donations that we brought to Florida and shipped to Texas. These two teams went around communities checking in on the population making sure everyone was alright and getting supplies and assistance to those in need.

Our own team was on the road till Saturday night and spent 93 hours on the road going to Florida and back. While in Florida we received an email through our Veteran assistance system that a Veteran now transitioned to Long Island had all of his and his family’s belongings in a storage unit outside of Tampa and was at risk of losing all of his belongings being the storage facility was threatening to auction off the unit. Our Team being in the right place at the right time visited the storage unit and was able to bring home a full trailer of this Veteran and his families belongings.

Thank you to all that supported the recent missions by making donations to make our work successful.
Please remember that Boots on the Ground NY maintains at the VAC (Veteran Activity Center) a food pantry, a personal care / toiletry pantry and has always also stocked items such as new undergarments and socks, cleaning supplies, pet food and supplies and other general need items. Your assistance is the backbone of our strength in mission.
Your donations are tax deductible are go exactly where you want them to. Boots on the Ground NY is not only an all-volunteer organization but also a 501c19 tax exempt Veterans organization. In our last audit over 95% of financial donations went to Veterans and the mission of “leaving no Veteran behind”

To make a secure tax-deductible donation please visit
For pictures from the collection and the relief trip to Florida please visit our facebook page at and visit our photo albums.

Thank you for your support

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