Troops on the Front Lines are requesting supplies

Last night I just printed out over 200 Care package emailed requests from Troops serving in Korea, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and a few other places that they can’t say, that’s right over 200 emails from in front of Harm’s Way, and many of them are requesting for not only themselves but for anywhere from their squad, to platoon, to unit, to battalion. I have notes from privates that have no one to send them things, NCO’s and officers that are concerned about their troops, chaplains and nurses concerned about everyone under their wings.
I have posted a few dates already (and there will be more), I would really want to try to get each of these soldiers at least one box for each troop, that’s gonna take a lot of work, a lot of supplies and a bit of funding to accomplish
These are the dates I will be at the VAC to coordinate collection and volunteer efforts
Monday 11/6 7pm-9pm (collection and packing)
Wednesday 11/8 7pm-9pm (collection and packing)
Saturday 11/18 10a-2pm (collection and packing)
We have requests from the troops for thing such as: Coffee, small fans, black socks, toiletries, sunscreen, dove soap, baby wipes, nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky, vitamins, protein anything, tuna, ramen, hard candy, movies, green boot socks, gum, amazon gift cards, iTunes cards, Chapstick, feminine products, salsa, mac and cheese, oatmeal, shower shoes, trail mix, toilet paper, fabric softener, Pringles, laundry pods, headphones, workout proteins, protein bars, slim jim’s, air freshens, batteries, cool t-shirts, calling cards, seeds, workout shorts, sweet tarts, games, Tabaco chew, drink mixes, canned chicken, razors, sunglasses, shower gels, coloring books, crayons, French press…. These requests are from the letters we have received the past 45 days.
We also get thank you, appreciation and Christmas cards into the packages.
Let’s make this happen, get the word out
The VAC is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma and the weblink to donate for shipping is
I need everyone’s help with this, if you support the troops, we’ll it’s time to step up. Please continue to share this post, I will update it with added collections dates and times.

Thank You.

Frank Bania

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