November – happenings, needs and events.

Oct 30, 17 November – happenings, needs and events.

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What’s happening in November, it’s going to be a busy month, here’s some of things happening, plus check our facebook page for added information and events.

Collection drive dates & Community Volunteer evenings
What Boots on the Ground NY need in November to accomplish our Veteran Support Mission: • Food for the pantry • Gift cards to food stores • Frozen small turkeys and breasts • Toiletry and personal care items • Unwrapped new toys for children • Gift cards to stores • Supplies to ship to the Troops • Letters, notes and cards to ship to the Troops Collection dates and times are the following: • Monday 11/6 7pm-9pm • Wednesday 11/8 7pm-9pm • Tuesday 11/14 7pm -9pm • Saturday 11/18 10a-2pm All donations are tax deductible. Feel free to mail gift cards and checks to PO Box 675 Bellport NY 11713 or make an online donation at


Attention Suffolk County Veterans needing assistance for the Holidays.
If you are a Veteran or Military service member residing in Suffolk County NY and will need assistance providing Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family contact us and we will get you a frozen turkey and groceries. No requests will be accepted after Thursday November 16th. And offers of assistance will be based upon available resources. Please fill out the Veteran request form at  If you need assistance providing Christmas for your family please contact us by Tuesday November 28th, please send an email stating your circumstances to we will only be able to assist a few families this year and we will decide on the eve of the 28th who we will be able to assist. We will be helping families this Christmas that we have not helped in previous years and will contact those families during the first week in December. Unfortunately, our resources this year are more limited than in past years. This is limited to Veterans / Military residing in Suffolk County.
All requests for assistance are confidential and only seen by the BOTGNY board members.


Tuesday night at the VAC is a Male Veteran peer night (doors open 6:45PM)
Thursday night at the VAC is a Female Veteran peer night (doors open 6pm)
Either stop in to chat with other Veterans, watch TV, play a game of pool, break bread with us, or assist us as we always have activities that help us accomplish our Veteran outreach missions.
The food and personal care pantries are available all evening.
Some weeks the group may go to outside activities, bowling, movies, sporting events, adventure park, etc. so please check event each week, or call the VAC at leave a message at 631-615-2200

On Tuesday November 21st, we will be going bowling, meet up at the VAC at 1900 hrs, we will be leaving at 1945 after we have dinner. All Veterans invited. Evening costs such as lane, food, shoes and games all covered by BOTGNY

Always check our Facebook or website for upcoming activities at the VAC.
Please help us spread the word to Veterans, there is a place to go.
Anything said in the VAC stays in the VAC & sometimes you just need to be around other Veterans for the comraderies
Chow, snacks, refreshments & food all available so come hungry.
(we are also always appreciative of home cooked meals and snacks being dropped off for this event, for years we have had community members and restaurants donating food for our group activity nights, we ask that chow be dropped off at 6:45 pm, or contact us at or for any supporters or visit this link for more information:

The Peer nights are Veteran & Service member evening only.
(sorry no spouses, family members, kids, etc.)
The ‘VAC’ (Veteran Activity Center) is located at
2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma NY. 631-615-2200

We’re sending 12 World War 2 Veterans to their National Museum in New Orleans this December
We are accepting donations to take 12 WW2 Veterans to the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans this December. We had such a wonderful time last year escorting the Hero’s to their museum that we have decided to make this an annual trip. These Veterans had the trip of a lifetime experiencing the WW2 museum and New Orleans
FACT: There were 16,112,566 members of the United States Armed Forces during WW2. There were 291,557 battle deaths, 113,842 other deaths in service (non-theater), and 670,846 non-mortal wounding’s. There are over 73,000 still missing. According to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs 558,000 American veterans from the war are still alive as of early 2017
FACT: 372 WW2 Veterans die every day (2016 average)
FACT: It took 59 years to dedicate a Memorial in Washington to our Greatest Generation
Please help us give the men and women of our Greatest Generation the thank you they deserve before it’s too late! Your donation covers the cost of Hotel, Meals and all the expenses along the way. Jet Blue is covering the Air fare.
Our goal is to make sure WWII Veterans are recognized, admired and thanked for their service. Veterans never forget this gratitude and adoration. “The Greatest Generation” deserves nothing less. Please give what you can as a small token of appreciation to Our Greatest Generation for the Freedoms that they afforded us. Donations can be purchased in increments of $20.00 and are tax deductible, please visit
Thank you for supporting.


Food pantry collection drive
Saturday November 18th
Food pantry collection day as is every 3rd Saturday of the month.
We’ll be open for a few hours for collections 1000 hrs-1500 hrs.
What we need: Canned foods, such as soups, meals in a can, chef boy r dee, Chili. Cans / packets of tuna fish, turkey, chicken, fruit, etc. Frozen Foods- (we have 3 freezers and 2 fridges). Pasta and sauce, Mac and cheese. Rice dishes. Boxed foods, cereals, carbs, breakfast bars, etc. Coffee, (cans and k-cups). Snacks, (individual packets).
And always new packages of socks, underwear, sweatshirts and pants for our hospitalized Veterans. We are in very in need of shower shoes for patients hospitalized in inpatient programs.



Interested in Security Guard Work?
Would you like to start a career or part time employment as a Security Guard?
Boots on the Ground NY has formed a partnership with Neary Confidential Investigative Service Security Training Academy. (A Veteran owned and operated business) located at 38 Oak Street, Suite 4, Patchogue, NY 11772
Boots on the Ground NY will pay the tuition fees for the 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course which is the first step to become a licensed Security Guard in the State of New York. Boots on the Ground NY will also assist with state fees for application. (veterans & military only)
The Security Training Academy’s Director and Lead Instructor, CWO2 Tim Neary, USCG (Ret.) will assist you with the Security Guard application and help you along the way with any questions you have with the process.
Call 631-730-5694, leave a message and someone will get back to you.
Check out Facebook @ & check for class dates.
Dates also posted on BOTGNY Facebook page.
Any questions email us at or text Tim @ 516-567-0519.

Veterans / Military Service Members – keep in mind we are here for you, we have your back. Stop in on a weeknight for peer nights and learn more.


September & October were busy month’s also
We shipped 100’s of care package boxes to Military members around the world. Helped Veterans transition into housing.
We had a collection for Recovery Supplies for Texas and Hurricane Harvey, we had a good showing of support and shipped over 130 boxes to Navy Flight crews ferrying medical personal through the recovery and rescue efforts and to Veterans working in the rescue and recovery efforts.
We had another collection for Florida and Hurricane Irma which resulted in over 12,000 lbs of supplies and food, we drove our trailer down to Polk County and met up with Team Striker who was working the area and going door to door checking on the flooded community.
September 11th, we had our annual 1000-mile memorial ride, paying respects at Ground Zero NYC, Arlington VA and Shanksviille PA all within 24 hours.
In September, some of our Veterans had the opportunity to be a guardian on Honor Flight Long Island, a memorable day shared with WW2 and Korean War Veterans which will never be forgotten.
October, we shipped more packages, had great community response for the collection drives.
Thank you, MacArthur Business Alliance, for hosting your annual golf event to raise funds for BOTGNY.

Thank you for all of those that donated and came into the VAC to help sort, pack and label for the relief missions.

To make a tax deductible financial donation please click on or you can mail a check payable to Boots on the Ground NY at PO Box 675 Bellport NY 11713

On behalf of the Veterans we assist and that utilize the VAC,
We Thank You.

A note from BOTGNY Founder
The other night I just printed out over 200 Care package emailed requests from Troops serving in Korea, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and a few other places that they can’t say, that’s right over 200 emails from in front of Harm’s Way, and many of them are requesting for not only themselves but for anywhere from their squad, to platoon, to unit, to battalion. I have notes from privates that have no one to send them things, NCO’s and officers that are concerned about their troops, chaplains and nurses concerned about everyone under their wings.
I have posted a few dates already (and there will be more), I would really want to try to get each of these soldiers at least one box for each troop, that’s gonna take a lot of work, a lot of supplies and a bit of funding to accomplish
These are the dates I will be at the VAC to coordinate collection and volunteer efforts
Monday 11/6 7pm-9pm (collection and packing)
Wednesday 11/8 7pm-9pm (collection and packing)
Saturday 11/18 10a-2pm (collection and packing)
We have requests from the troops for thing such as: Coffee, small fans, black socks, toiletries, sunscreen, dove soap, baby wipes, nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky, vitamins, protein anything, tuna, ramen, hard candy, movies, green boot socks, gum, amazon gift cards, iTunes cards, Chapstick, feminine products, salsa, mac and cheese, oatmeal, shower shoes, trail mix, toilet paper, fabric softener, Pringles, laundry pods, headphones, workout proteins, protein bars, slim jim’s, air freshens, batteries, cool t-shirts, calling cards, seeds, workout shorts, sweet tarts, games, Tabaco chew, drink mixes, canned chicken, razors, sunglasses, shower gels, coloring books, crayons, French press…. These requests are from the letters we have received the past 45 days.
We also get thank you, appreciation and Christmas cards into the packages.
Let’s make this happen, get the word out
The VAC is located at 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma and the weblink to donate for shipping is
I need everyone’s help with this, if you support the troops, we’ll it’s time to step up. Please continue to share this post, I will update it with added collections dates and times.
Thank You.


Thank you for your support!
Frank Bania
Founder / President
Boots on the Ground NY

BOTGNY is 100 % Volunteer and your donation goes exactly where you want it to.

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