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Boots on the Ground NY   is a not for profit tax exempt 501(c)19 corporation & Veterans organization. FED# 27-4279559.  Donations are tax-deductible, and over 95% (2015 independent audit) of funds go directly toward helping our Veterans. BOTGNY is completely a 100% Volunteer organization composed of Veterans and their families, there are no paid employees and no board members receive any type of compensation. (“Boots on the Ground NY” is a d/b/a of USVMCLI-INC.)

Thank you for considering us for your charitable contribution!


Become a Subscribing Supporter

We know there are many people who wish they could donate, but wonder how to fit it into the family budget, or who wonder how their small contribution could possibly make a difference.  By becoming a Subscribing Supporter of our mission, you choose your contribution level to fit your monthly budget, allowing you to give more over a longer time period without breaking the bank, and allowing us to know how much we can count on each month to help in funding our Veteran Support projects.   Are you willing to give up a single cup of coffee each week to help those who need it?

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Boots on the Ground NY is a 501c19 that doesn’t take government grants or have corporate sponsors; we survive completely off of community donations, events &  t-shirt and support gear sales. We have new Veteran referrals weekly asking for help with Food, Furnishings, and Financial Help. I personally find it impossible to say No to any Veteran or Military member that is on the right path, so keeping charitable money in local communities is so very important, not only to Our Mission, but to all grass root organizations and the Veterans that really need the assistance most. Please consider becoming a monthly donation subscriber.On behalf of the Veterans and Troops we assist – Thank You

Frank Bania, Founder

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Sponsor A Care Package

We receive many donated items at our various events. Many of these items get packed in boxes to be sent to our men and women serving overseas. Your $15 donation will pay for one care package to be sent. Let our heroes know we remember them by helping us send them some of life’s basic needs!

To Sponsor a Care Package for $15 using PayPal, click here:


Make A General Donation

While we run several fundraisers each year, donations of any amount to our general fund are always welcome. We have no paid positions. Each penny you donate will be used to directly support our local veterans and their families. Please help us to help them!

To make a general donation using PayPal, click here:


To Donate by Check:

Please make checks payable to Boots on the Ground NY and note in the memo if you are donating to a specific program.

Mail to:
PO Box 675
 Bellport, NY 11713


To Donate Items:

Please click here for our Item Donation Request Form

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