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While our commitment takes many forms, ultimately we create an awareness of various issues that challenge our Veterans every day. One of the main issue we address  is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects so many of our country’s heroes. Once simply called shell shock, PTSD still has a long way to go before it is fully recognized. Do not suffer in silence. You are not alone. Please ask for help one more time.

Attention Veterans:

We are proud to add to our Team at BOTGNY Tim Harten. Tim is a Navy Veteran who was deployed during OIF as a corpsman (pysch tech). He set up and ran a psych clinic at Camp Buehering in Kuwait. He was also a stationed at Camp Arifjan. Tim also has over 18 years as a first responder serving as a EMT with the FDNY and as a Volunteer firefighter on Long island. Tim will be our group coordinator at the VAC.

Come down and meet Tim on December 17th Tuesday night at 1900 -2100 hrs. for open house style chat. Coffee, refreshments and snacks will be and are always available. Our services are for Veterans of all era, all ages, and all branches. The equipment might have been different but the experiences and nightmares are all the same. The doors at the VAC will also be open on Christmas Eve from 1900hrs on. The group meeting will formalize the first Tuesday in January with other days and times added.
This is for Veterans only, and the first round of groups are aimed for Veterans still coping with their experiences of Combat & Deployments. Participation at the VAC is confidential, there is no paperwork and no fees.

The VAC (Veterans Activity Center) is located at 2184 Pond Road Unit A-4 Ronkonkoma NY 11779 Tel# 631-615-2200. The VAC is manned presently Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 1900-2130 hours and Saturdays from 0900-1600. Sunday & Friday evenings beginning soon as well. We are looking to also be available late mornings on certain weekdays for coffee and a bagel.

The VAC offers a private group meeting room, computer resource area, full pantry, TV & video game lounge area as well as a boot camp style fitness program when the weather warms. Holistic therapy will be soon offered and have caseworkers available by appointment for domestic and one on one needs.

Sometimes you need to talk, Sometimes you just need to listen.


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