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If you have a family member returning home from military deployment and would like the red carpet treatment (including a flag line at the airport and a motorcycle/first responder escort from the airport to the warrior’s home) please fill out the form below and we will contact you to make arrangements.

After your request is received, and before providing an escort & ceremony, we reach out and speak to the Blue Star family prior to the Service Member returning home.  We discuss with the family some signs to look for and warning of stresses during a deployment and upon a return Home. The families are made aware that the BOTG-NY is only a phone call away should the service member begin to show any signs of any severe PTSD. We also organize the actual Welcome Home Escort and Ceremonies and work alongside with local government agencies, airports, first responders and community based groups, giving each Service member his parade and allowing the community to show support and say “Thank You”.

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